by Elliott Graham


Former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney is the most left wing “liberal” “Republican”, “RINO”, “Neocon that I know of since Former New York Governor Rockefeller ran for President against Senator Barry Goldwater!

His father, former Michigan Governor George Romney was a member of the Council on Foreign Relations who supported Governor Rockefeller for President after he realized that he could not win the Presidential Nomination for himself.

When Senator Goldwater won the Nomination for President, the Romney family supported Sen. Lyndon Baines Johnson, the Democrat Nominee for President!

George Romney’s son Mitt like his parents and his uncle were always very “liberal” (socialist) even before he went to Harvard and stayed in Massachusetts.

As Governor, he violated his oath to uphold the Constitution of the United States when he signed a gun prohibition (“Assault Weapons”) law which is a clear infringement to our Second Amendment to our “Bill of Rights”!

Like President Obama, he supported and signed into law “Romney-Care”, a socialized medicine bill for Massachusetts just like “Obama-Care” for the United States!

On just about every issue, including abortion rights, he has been as “liberal” as you would expect any Democrat politician to be!

Because the Republican Party leadership will always support an incumbent President for re-election, no matter how bad and even when that incumbent is called a “Traitor who should be impeached for treason”, the nomination of Mitt Romney or a CFR globalist such as New't Gingrich will translate into 8 more years of international socialism towards a totalitarian world government in another Republican Administration.

Therefore 4 more years under President Barack Obama would become the “Lesser of the 2 Evils” over having 8 more years of a President Mitt Romney or a President New’t Gingrich and if you want to defeat President Barack Obama, we need to make sure that former Governor Mitt Romney is defeated in every states Republican Primary contest for the exact same reasons that we do not want to re-elect President Barack Obama!

I know this to be true, because this has happened before when Republicans supported President Richard M. Nixon and President George W. Bush for their second terms.

With 8 more years, the likelihood of having a one world socialist or communist government under the United Nations will become much greater!

Therefore, the Republican Primary Elections and Caucuses in 2012 will determine whether or not we will live under freedom or slavery!

Time will soon run out and it will be too late to play such games as casting your protest vote for a 3rd party candidate that cannot win!

In order to win, every minor party registered voter and every independent voter who opposes communism, socialism and all other big government dictatorships absolutely must register as Republicans (at least one full month) before the Republican Primary Election or Caucus begins in your state.

We just cannot afford to have another split like what has happened when Ross Perot helped William J. Clinton win in 1996!

Like President George W. Bush, Governor Mitt Romney is the son of a C.F.R. member and New’t Gingrich is a member of the C.F.R.

The Council on Foreign Relations has the same goal for a one world socialist government as does the Communist Party USA and the United Nations that was organized by Alger Hiss, a Communist, to be a world government and NOT just a debating society!

Do not listen to nor pay any attention to any speeches made by Romney or Gingrich because they lie and there is no law that requires candidates to tell the truth.

We have been lied to for more than 100 years, but you can trust United States Representative Ron Paul’s excellent 100% pro-freedom 22 year voting record in the U.S. House of Representatives as actions speak much louder than just mere words!

Elliott Graham, Chairman

Voters Against Corruption And Tyranny