Another year gone, but we still do have many things to be grateful for, despite the damage the world socialists are trying to do to our system.  It is so sad to learn what has happened in Newtown, Connecticut last Friday.  Many unwanted things just happen, but tragedies cannot be solved by making matters worse.  The dreadful incident in Connecticut is going to have an impact on those who are fighting to stop the anti-gunners from their evil plan to totally disarm the people of the United States.   This event plays right into the hands of those who are intending to get the ‘Small Arms Treaty’ signed by President Barack Obama.  It will be used by the anti-gunners as a strong excuse to confiscate more American handguns.  Meanwhile, the federal administration will try to place a total ban on all hand-guns.   The “cure” for the Connecticut happening would be far more injurious than the “disease” itself, if the president decides to sign the Small Arms Treaty.


We should never forget that the socialists’ plan is not only to ban possession of handguns, but their intent is to transfer our entire national armed forces on a permanent basis to the control of a foreign power: the communists that run the United Nations!  The U.S. will then have no army, navy, marines, or air force of its own.  The law to do this has already been written and passed by Congress.  (See Public Law 87-297) Barack Obama has indicated that he intends to take some action against the Connecticut tragedy, and the climate has been created for him to sign such a treaty – the ground has been plowed so to speak, and he may start disarming Americans as soon as the holidays are over. 



For fifty or more years, socialists and communists have used the word “democracy” as a stand-in word for communism.   Have you noticed how often Obama and others call us a “democracy”?   There is no consent of the governed for these conditions and changes to be enacted.  We are still a republic and we have never given our consent to such malfeasance. 


Years ago when prominent Constitutional attorneys spoke out, they informed the populace of very essential information: that the rights in the Bill of Rights are not subject to the repeal, rescind or revoke process. This is the reason why our early Founding Fathers chose to place our most precious rights under a Bill of Rights.  The purpose of the Bill of Rights is to confirm that these certain rights are essential natural rights that the Creator has endowed to man.  They cannot be overturned by socialists/ communists who seek to become the rulers in their quest to control the world.  The Bill of Rights is beyond their reach or power.   


Guns are the people’s authority that backs their freedom and liberty.  Whenever the government wants to take away the people’s guns, it means that the government wants to remove the people’s “authority”.   No guns, means the people have no authority!   At the same time it endangers the existence of the republic.  The Constitution guarantees us a republic and a well-regulated militia composed of ALL the people.  Why does Obama think he has the authority to sign any document that wipes out our God-given rights?  Surely, he must be aware that by following his course, which is laid out for him, he is not only disarming the people, and denying them their authority; he is also disintegrating the people’s republic at the same time.  George Washington warned us: “When guns go, it all goes!”   So true!