“Before entering on so grave a matter as the destruction of our national fabric, with all its memories, its benefits, its hopes, would it not be wise to ascertain WHY we do it?  Will you hazard so desperate a step, while there is any possibility that any portion of the ills you fly TO are greater than the ills you fly FROM?  Will you risk the commission of so fearful a mistake?” ….Abraham Lincoln


We, the people, are once again engaged in a great struggle trying to restrain the efforts of unjust, unauthorized, and unconstitutional leadership, which is attempting to force us to abandon our liberty and our 1789 Constitution and then be operated under a world government system.  We are obligated to defend our liberty ourselves, and to reverse the ill gains of those who have sought to destroy our nation’s Constitutional fabric, with all its benefits, limitations, and its rightful protections.  Former and present, once-trusted officials have dared to negate our natural unalienable rights which were endowed upon us by our righteous and divine Creator.   They have been gradually transferring us under a different form of government, which is not with our consent, nor to our liking.  Two completely different governmental systems, total opposites, now occupy the United States. One is our true and rightful system, and the other is a parallel government which was designed to eliminate the great charters instituted by our nation’s founders.  The goal behind this subversion is to deny us the use of liberties, principles and safeguards that were won on our behalf in the Revolutionary War.    

Therefore, the responsibility has fallen upon us, the citizenry, to peacefully resolve and rectify the problems that have been created by this unwanted drive caused by certain individuals and groups engaged in our society, and serving in our government service, who thirst for unlimited socialistic control over their fellow man, using undue and unjust authority to regiment us, the people, and to substitute our birthright of liberty, freedom, independence, and sovereignty with an unwanted militarized command-and-control system: a domineering, world-wide, communized government. Despite the fact it has already been proven that our government operated more efficiently and properly the closer it was held to the people, we are witnessing the effort of these interlopers, who are gradually instituting Hitler-like management techniques over us: a dictatorship.

Officials in the public service of this nation were sworn “to guarantee to every state in this Union a republican form of government and to protect each of them from invasion.”  This guarantee of a republic was entered as Article IV Section 4 of the U. S. Constitution by our nation’s founders. They decreed and ordained in the Constitution that all able-bodied persons be trained to arms, whereupon the guardianship of our republic and other principles, rights and liberties, would be secure, having been vested in and protected by the people themselves.  Our forefathers did not grant us rights.  Conversely, they confirmed that our most essential rights had always existed as unalienable rights, and were an endowment from the Creator, meant to be applied by the people as principles, and laws whenever needed.

All representatives of the people are required to abide by the U. S. Constitution by swearing under oath to give their devoted loyalty to its principles, and promising not to exceed their Constitutional limitations.  They are required to protect our states and our citizens by maintaining an army and a navy to provide for our common defense, which is to be kept under the people’s exclusive national control and command.  They are also required to protect our right to own land and to guard our borders against undue immigration.  They are required to protect our right to life including the ability to be able to be born once conceived.  They are required to protect our right to freedom of speech and of the press, and our right to vote for issues and representatives or to recall them when necessary, and to have the right to a trial by a jury of our peers.  They are required to maintain a well-regulated militia, composed of the whole body of the people, which is necessary to the security of a free state.  Having the right to vote proves that  the people were meant to be the ultimate authority. The founders themselves drafted the president’s oath of office, and included it in the Constitution as Article II Section 1 to insure that all the power being given to the president would be placed in the hands of a Constitutionally loyal person.  Also included under this oath requirement are members of the federal and state legislatures and their judicial branches, including the states’ executive branch.  All were sworn to obey all the principles within the Constitution and its amendments as the “supreme law of the land” which they have not done!  According to the Constitution, to do otherwise constitutes rebellion against the laws of the United States. 

Therefore, in a peaceful manner, we are obliged to list herein 12 grievances that they have caused by the rebellion they have conducted and the gradual disregard of our rightful Constitutional principles and laws.

Grievance #1.       The National Defense Authorization Act  (NDAA) :  Recently, legislation has been passed by both houses of Congress, and has been signed by President Barack Obama, which can cause people to be rounded up by government hirelings and quietly made to disappear from the face of the earth, without a hearing, a trial or an investigation. (Refer to the potential in the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA). Sections 1031 and 1032)  Although at present the Act supposedly exempts citizens of the United States, a minor change, deleting that one-line sentence in this law could cause American citizens who have criticized the government in Washington, D.C., or protested against the damage being done to our rightful system, to be included in such a round up. Criticism of the government will be considered as grounds that these criticizing people are “terrorists”.   The charge will be handled in such a manner that will discountenance any objection by the general population.  If this happens, the opposition to the enforcement of global world communism will no longer exist!  There will be no one left with the knowledge and proofs to expose what is to happen to all those who are eventually destined to live under the new militarized global  world order.

Sections 1031 and 1032 of the NDAA introduces the federal government’s ability to arrest and incarcerate without trial or public notice any person who objects to the federal government’s management policies.  Restricted now (only by a single typed line) is a caveat, exempting American citizens, which can be removed at any future time and leave the wording in three separate places of this legislation.  The potential is present to easily dismiss the single line caveat and convert the authority to arrest and do away with any person – even an American citizen -- if the person objects to the federal government’s global management policies and conversion to world government.  The NDAA could be easily changed to grant this power to the world government “planners” – to seize any person – as these two words (any person) are written  a number of times.  Some proponents of the measure in Congress did not want to include the caveat exempting American citizens, but they had to allow it, in order to get the legislation passed out of both houses.  The reported plan (that the federal government “planners” intend to kill off many Americans, possibly even 25 million Americans) is still bandied about.  The National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) endangers all gun owning citizens.

Grievance #2.             The General and Complete Disarmament Law - Appalling legislation, written to totally disarm the people of the United States was passed years ago. It is chaptered as a federal law, unbeknown to the people.  It is kept active by funding and is titled as Public Law 87-297.  It can be fully seen by locating it on the Internet.  Every citizen will be disarmed, except for the world government troops who are assigned the duty “to keep order”.   P. L. 87-297 was signed into law by John Kennedy after the Congress passed it in September of 1961.  Its various amendments, including Public Law 101-216, are continually funded by Congress.  It has caused our military bases to be closed or realigned, beneficial to world troop use.  P. L. 87-297 also transfers the entire national armed forces of the United States on a permanent basis under the United Nations organization, and our nation will have no common defense.  All privately held firearms will be confiscated, and ordered to be handed over to the Surrender Agency.  This law will not allow any American citizen the right to own a gun.  There will be no right to recall these public officials, as all representatives will be appointed, chosen by the communist-thinking leaders of the world government system.  An approval from the people of their permission for the government to completely disarm them of all handguns is falsely being claimed by the federal government.  The fact is that it is a counterfeited document which the anti-gunners wrote and inserted in a book that the people had once approved.   (Refer to Page 340 Report)

Grievance #3.             Installation of the Homeland Security Department (originally called an Agency):  It breaks the guarantee in the Constitution of a republican form of government, and it has changed the U.S.A. from being a republic into a dictatorship, because the military and the civilian law enforcement systems have now been merged together under one agency head, something that cannot be done in a country that intends to remain a republic.  This merger constitutes the deliberate casting of the U.S.A. from a republic into a dictatorship.  The people do not realize the effect of this “department”.  

Grievance #4.        Dictatorship in Action  We have a president who has refused to prove that he is qualified to hold office by being natural born. His grandmother has announced that he was born in Kenya, Africa, and she was there in the delivery room when he was born.  After it was evident that he was elected, Barack Obama informed the nation that “ five days we will fundamentally change America.”  This warning meant that he intended from the onset to alter essentials of the system, which he did by advancing the Homeland Security Agency, appointing Czars, wanting a private army to surround him and forcing a socialistic National Health Medical System upon the people which controls the lives of the people from cradle-to-grave.  The medical system in the future will decide whether an individual has a right to continue living after a certain age or existing medical condition.  Changes he has made under the Homeland Security Department are such that Washington, D.C. now controls almost all law enforcement officials in the United States, all the way down to the beat officer in local communities, something the states should have objected to, but did not!  Under the full blown world government system all the police will be fully militarized.  Appointed officials, that are non-elected, will rule in the dictatorship, and will have more authority over the lives of the people than our elected officials ever had. Also, under regionalism, we may expect all state boundary lines to disappear. State governments will eventually lose their significance as world management develops.  Note: We are grateful that there is a growing number of County Sheriffs who understand State Sovereignty (Tenth Amendment) and do remember their oath of office.

Grievance #5.             Federal seizure of the Department of Education:  Christianity is gradually being outlawed in the public schools, and the right to raise our children in a free educational  atmosphere is being denied. Atheism will rule and deny our children the teachings of our nation’s founders and our Christian beliefs, which recognize that the world belongs to God.  There will eventually be a denial that our rights come from the divine Creator.  All children will be taught the message of globalism.   Our public libraries are being subjected to the replacement of books that once memorialized our sacred religious practices and values, and are substituted with those containing altered and debased views which favor global attitudes.

Grievance #6.             The complexity of Agenda 21:  The intent of this Agenda is to gradually eliminate our 50 state governments, and in their place, have ten international regions delivering world communist policies and leadership over the former U.S.A.  Individual freedom will be stripped away.  “Sustainable Development” integrates the United Nations economic, social, and environmental policies for “social equity, and the preservation and restoration of biodiversity”.  This includes universal health care, global education, and global population control, global land use with its restrictions against individuals owning land, all under one international authority.  It harmonizes U. S. Environment policy with United Nations’ socialistic directives while it “reinvents” our U.S. government!   The disarmed citizens of the United States will be monitored by a world army under the World-wide Military Command and Control Systems.   Note: This is what has happened to our tax money.

Grievance #7.             Open borders: There is a law suit brought on by the federal government against the State of Arizona as that state tried to make up for the lack of federal responsibility toward border security. Their governor opposes the flood of immigrants there. The increase of illegal immigrants, and the cost of adding 40 million more people for our taxes to provide the expenses and the costs they incur, has added to the near bankruptcy condition of our states and federal systems.  Leaving our national borders open also assists in the planning for the “North American Union” which did not succeed as yet.  It merges Canada, Mexico and the U.S.A. together in one “union” operated by appointed officials that cannot be recalled or voted out. One can envision the damage this will do to the Constitutions of these three nations.  Our borders were left open to illegal immigrants in order to make increases in the population of people who have not been trained in Constitutional principles.  They will eventually end up voting for socialists at the polls.  Many illegal immigrants continue to come here to sell drugs.  Open borders allow crime to increase so that more American citizens will be less concerned as to what is happening to our country but more concerned to that which is happening to their own property. 

Grievance #8.             Implementation of Adolph Hitler’s methods of operation: The following excerpt will give the people a more clear picture of how the U.S.A. reached this low ebb that is now causing them great shock and suffering.  A system analyst has reported: “After the collapse of the German Third Reich, not only did the United States pick up Adolph Hitler’s scientists, but the U. S. “planners” received a tremendous augmentation when in 1945 they rummaged over what was left of Hitler’s Third Reich.  The U.S. retrieved the inductive type of reasoning and logic that was used to operate that totalitarian government, and the “planners” seized upon the thoroughness of Hitler’s dictatorial management systems.  A lot of these elementary concepts were taken up by the U.S. Air Force and were amalgamated within the prerogative of their responsibilities which at that time resulted in the setting up of what we now call the Military Standards 499 Systems, defined as a systematic process (a methodology) of solving sequential problems.    The result is that 99% of the lower practitioners of these final systems, engineering techniques and methodologies – with their short and long range plannings, are completely unaware – are completely oblivious to the fact of where or why these concepts were developed.  Many of our government employee “planners” are deploying techniques about which they realize little or nothing of its source or intention.  They get the parameters and details of the tasks they have to perform only, but they are not given, nor do they understand, the total integrated picture. Whenever the whole thing is in place, the United States Constitutional government system will be overthrown and replaced by a total military government.  The people who worked in the systems will little understand how their part fit into the complete system; nor how they assisted in overthrowing their own government.” 

Grievance #9.   Abortion:  Killing of millions of unborn babies each year. It is noteworthy to state that at least 50 million unborn babies have been killed in the womb wiping out an entire generation of people, the effect of which will be a damaging factor to the stability of the social security system. 

Grievance #10.   Foreign aid:  Our tax money has been used to help destabilize the governments of foreign countries, which is a part of world government planning, as it makes the recipient country ripe for communism.  At the same time such monetary grants in the federal budget are partly responsible for bankrupting our own country and adding to a plan for its collapse.    Refer to a government issued document called “The Politics of Change in Local Government Reform”.

Grievance #11     General Plans for our Cities, Counties:  The fragile flower of incentive does not thrive in totally planned economies with federally mandated elements, such as those which have been occurring.  Known as the Planning, Programming and Budgeting System (P.P.B.S.) and Management by Objectives (M.B.O.) the federal government has concentrated all power in Washington, D.C.  It has been revamping the policies and direction of our nation for world government management by requiring adherence to federally mandated elements as a part of the “General Plan” of our cities, counties, and states for many long years.   Agenda 21 links in with it.  These elements were forced to be adopted or the city or county would have lost its federal funding, which is unfair to them and the states.  At the same time, only a few states have put forth resistance, while our children have been subjected to global indoctrination in all levels of education for future participation in this new world order.  

Grievance #12.           Presidents in tandem for Globalism:  Massive blame for the weakening of our sovereignty can be laid at the doorstep of the Oval Office.  Each and every president since F.D.R. has participated in the betrayal and each administration has provided a major segment in the restructuring for world government leadership.   The title of “Presidents In Tandem for Globalism” fits each president since 1932.  F.D.R. moved from theory to implementation of the plan for the overthrowing of the 1789 Constitution.  Each president since has been given an assignment of “changes” to be made during his administration.  For example: President John Kennedy’s assignment was to abolish our right to keep and bear arms and to transfer our national armed forces on a permanent basis under the command and control of the United Nations.  This he did with Public Law 87-297. The American people stand to lose their right to have a military for common national defense.  President Richard M. Nixon’s assignment was to officially cut the United States into Ten “Standard Federal Regions.” Regional alignments were also laid over other countries all over the world, allowing planning and future management to be made on a world-wide basis. This Nixon did by enacting presidential Executive Order No. 11647, and because of it, the United States is being managed by resolutions and dictates coming from the United Nations General Assembly.  President James Carter’s assignment was to lead the U. S. into giving up control of the Panama Canal and now the communist Chinese have taken control of it.  President Ronald Reagan’s assignments were the installation of the P.P.B.S., the Courts-Martial (Instruction) Manual, the World-wide Military Command and Control System, and signing of the UNIDO Treaty giving consent for the United States to have a new social and economic order.  (Refer to Treaty 97-19) President George W. Bush’s assignment was to issue several Executive Orders to cause the republic to be converted for operation as a dictatorship which was first named the “Homeland Security Agency” (See E. O. 13286 dated February 2003 – signed by George W. Bush, which merged the military and the civilian law enforcement systems together under one head. ) 

President Barack Obama’s assignments were to enhance the executive orders of George W. Bush and develop the military dictatorship which then became known as the Homeland Security “Department”.  The military and the civilian law enforcement systems (the police, all over the whole United States, which rightfully belong under the control of their own respective state) are now merged together under one federal agency for federal militarized management.  This is never done in a republic IF it is to remain a republic! The federal government long ago had consolidated all power in Washington, D.C., which quite easily made the U.S. president a very powerful world dictator.  Presently, Obama has a series of “czars” running the federal government, subject only to the dictatorship of Barack Obama.  Other presidents were assigned the acceptance of the communist “Human Rights Treaties” which are replacements for our own Bill of Rights.  Our federal officials regard the world court’s decisions as final, even above the Constitution, which is supposed to be known as the “Supreme Law of Our Land.”  The way the country is operating, this apparently is no longer the case.     

We have had pretenders as presidents and a compromised Congress for too long.  The few congressmen who did try to alert the people of the existence of this parallel world government system were never given proper consideration and their pleadings ended.  Only a few officials today will assist in correcting these failings, unless We, the people, make known the sort and extent of the damages and wrong doings that hold us in its grip. The end to meaningful elections is near, as the world regions and the United States will soon be manned by “appointees” who are not elected, but appointed.

A deliberately planned total collapse of government and irreversible bankruptcy will soon overtake us if the above grievances are not met with corrective solutions. All the grievances have the same underlying basis: too much power being taken by the federal government and used for unauthorized unconstitutional purposes.   Too much money also has been sent to Washington, D.C. which has given the federal government the ability to force the states to fall in line with the undesired world system of government,  lest they be denied federal “revenue sharing” money to finance federally mandated (required) programs for “change”.

We, the people, own the Constitution and the Bill of Rights because We, the people, ratified both charters.  The Constitution and the Bill of Rights belong to us, the people.  No authorization has ever been issued or okayed by the “owners of the Constitution” (We, the people,) to allow for abandoning the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, or the Declaration of Independence; nor changing the United States into a dictatorship under a world government.  These precious documents are really still the “supreme law of the land”.  They prove that the ultimate authority still lies with the people of the United States of America.

Without the resistance the Congress should have delivered, but failed to do, and by having compromised state governors elected over the states, with few exceptions, we now suffer from a lack of foresight and fortitude in preventing conditions that never should have occurred.  

“The condition upon which God hath given liberty to man is eternal vigilance; which condition if he break, servitude is the consequence of his crime and the punishment of his guilt.”     

                                                                                                                 …..John Philpott Curran


“Guard with jealous attention the public liberty.  Suspect everyone who approaches that jewel. Unfortunately, nothing will preserve it but downright force and whenever you give up that force, you are inevitably ruined.”                                                                                                   ..…Patrick Henry


Respectfully submitted by:                                                                 

We, the people, in the State of