Greenville, South Carolina

                                                                      January 5, 2011                                SECOND REQUEST


Dear Senator DeMint:


Despite the fact that this is a busy time of the year, some bad news holds a priority over others to which you must lend your prompt attention.  Many researchers are well aware that global planners have long been desirous of a method to install a global socialist system, a society under one-world management, which would, incidentally, be militarily controlled.  Also necessary to achieve this end would be the task of eliminating our states, their Constitutions, the 1789 Constitution and the 1791 Bill of Rights.  International organizations have assisted in the designing and structuring of this desired “New World Order.” These facts are a matter of record, easily accessed.  The purpose behind it has been the desire by some to engage in total management of the earth and all its people, under one communist-like government.


Over decades, many techniques for gradual conversion of the USA were developed and applied.  Management concepts in the United States underwent astounding alterations in addition to the constant introduction of “reorganization” programs, etc. on state and federal levels.  However, what the schemers lacked during their working interim was a “plan” on how to make acceptable to the people the “transition” --   the time when they would have to switch over from traditional government operations, and be plugged into the waiting world government system, without receiving massive opposition by traditionalists: those who believed that governments had to be held to certain principles and limitations.   Several decades ago, such a “plan” was devised by global planners with sure-fire instructions, which would make such seditious activities possible.  It was quite by accident Maureen Heaton (Calif.) obtained a copy of this “plan” which she took to her El Dorado County (Calif.) Board of Supervisors.  In turn, El Dorado supervisors issued their Resolution (447-74) condemning this evil “plan”, (financed by the State of California).  The “plan” instructed on five sure-fire deliberate and “accepted” methods by which a government (ours) could be forced to collapse and international management substituted in its place. 


The methods they listed were (a) collapse of government’s ability to provide such needed services; (b) a crisis of major magnitude; (c) a catastrophe that has a physical effect on the community; (d) the corruption of local officials; (e) the high cost of government and the desire for higher level of services.  The name of the document was called “The Politics of Change in Local Government Reform” (aka the Houlihan Plan).   Resolution 447-74 from El Dorado County had the effect of temporarily stopping the “plan” to collapse, but it only ‘moved the intent to the back burner’.   Resolution 447-74 was sent to every county in the State of California, and it did get some publicity in other states at that time.  The publicity stymied a bit those who were participating in this seditious goal.  About 1993, patriotic Californians re-aired this scandalous planning, to warn against the “plan.”  Nevertheless, the “plan” (known as “The Politics of Change in Local Government Reform”) has waxed stronger and is more threatening than ever!  Americans recently learned from the TV program 60 Minutes (broadcasted 12-19-10) with Steve Kroft interviewing a highly respected financial analyst Meredith Whitney.  Whitney aired her belief that ALL our states will soon hit bottom, and will be fully collapsed within a year!  California is 28 billion in the red!  Through the decades that passed, steps were taken on a gradual basis by global planners to make a collapse of government appear as if innocently happening!  There is enough irrefutable evidence to charge that the global planners of today are actively using “The Politics of Change in Local Government Reform” (Houlihan Plan) and are deliberately promoting all five of the suggested methods listed above.  The purpose of this Open Letter is to plead for your attention, Senator DeMint, the fact that the consequences of allowing us to continue being victimized for the benefit of the Houlihan Plan will inevitably cause Americans to lose their rights, freedom, liberty, and protection of the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights.  Another copy of  The Politics of Change in Local Government Reform” is being sent to you so that you may easily document and understand the complexity of the bank, major auto, and other financial economic disasters, why open borders remain,  outsourcing, North American Union, all deliberately engineered against the American people by cold calculating conspirators.  A national investigation behind Whitney’s charges is justified!  This letter hereby requests such an investigation be immediately undertaken!   Your response is essential and expected, most sincerely,


cc: Representative Darrell Issa + Houlihan Plan

      Many interested others                                                                          Bernadine Smith