This is a highly important YouTube video for you to view.  Whoever did the initial photography work, I would guess, had to be someone the "federal-government-globalists" trusted.  Somehow or other, this copy has been obtained by constitutionally patriotic groups.  I am therefore relaying what came to me in my e-mail with a request to be circulated to my groups, to get the word around.  I make that request of you.  

The photographs appear to be authentic.  You will notice that there is an item on the righthand side entitled:  "IMPORTANT, PLEASE READ!"   If you will click on it, you can read the full article someone has written for YouTube, which is included.  I did not find the name of the writer who wrote this article to be able to ask for his sources, and to get further detail on how he came into possession of this firearms and explosives list, or to get the EXACT location where such an inventory is stored.  Is it underground at this deep military base or is it stored elsewhere?   The article begins with these words:  "In order to protect these facilities from a civilian takeover the government and military have been going to extreme lengths to arm not only themselves but also the MANY foreign troops they have already stationed here. This is to combat US !!! They are expecting us to rebel, an engineered civil war, and they have been very busy preparing for it!   Guess where your confiscated/turned in weapons really go..."

From there on, the article includes a list of the type of firearms, ammunition, and explosives which allegedly have been stored underground and presumably in this facility for use by federal government officials.  We must ask the federal government to provide us with some answers!   Assuming that this underground facility is stocked with these weapons, we must  boldly ask the federal government why they are planning to hide underground, and what proof is there that these weapons are not to be used against the people under martial law.   Are these weapons simply a protection for the "takeover instigators"?  If that should be the case, isn't it ironical that the federal government is moving to take away all of the guns from all of the U.S. citizens under Public Law 87-297, the General and Complete Disarmament Law, while at the same time, the federal government demonstrates the need for weapons for the protection of themselves?   Further, if this is the case, these federal gun-prohibitors bear witness to the fact that firearms are irreplaceable tools whenever dependable protection is needed to guarantee an objective.   How fair is it for global government officials to be able to supply their needs, but the general public (whose needs are to protect their liberty, the true constitution and their birth right) are not allowed to provide assistance to supply their essential needs?     

Since the federal government has placed us on the brink of an engineered disaster, cautioning us with the possibility of a financial and economic "crisis" so great that it will "collapse" our government, including the value of our dollar, the existence of our state governments, and the prospect that we will be forcibly drawn under an unwelcome and unwanted socialist global (world) government system, we cannot take the risk of complacency nor a lack of precaution in matters as grievous as those which the Youtube presents.  If you feel the same as I do, please include my comments with the e-mail and video listed below.

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