“Feds Grant Eminent Domain as Collateral to China for U.S. Debts.”

by Bernadine Smith


This is written in response to criticisms regarding the article on eminent domain being circulated, entitled: "Feds Grant Eminent Domain as Collateral to China for U.S. Debts."  Whether it is based on information gained or not, the circumstances tie into facts that need to be taken into consideration, and it most likely characterizes reality.  In the least it could be a warning of circumstances which need to be taken into consideration.  The thoughts it evokes is something dreadful, but these possibilities have to be dealt with!   Let's examine the similarity to the facts:

Things have changed ever since the socialists took over the oval office!  Take for instance, our policy of eminent domain.   The traditional policy in this country used to be that public officials working in government could take control of land held by a private person, and exercise "eminent domain" over such property, provided such action met with certain justified constitutional requirements and public approval.   At least, that was the way it started out -- an essential safety benefit and protection of the public.  Then in 2005 the Kelo Decision came before the Supreme Court.  The Court's decision was that land could be taken from one private owner and given to another private owner, simply on the basis that the new owner would generate more tax revenue.   That unbelievable and unfortunate court decision damaged the original intent of the Bill of Rights affecting man's sovereignty, his sovereign right to own land, and his right to receive due process.

I recall that while Bill Clinton was president he had some plan going with the Chinese government to start about 8 new Chinese communities in 8 different U.S. states. The idea at that time was to bring in communist Chinese, and their families, into 8 different states to set up new communities.  There was opposition, and as far as I know, the idea is not active, as far as I know.  As I recall, most of the 8 communities, but not all, were designated to be scattered in states comprising the lower half of the U.S.  If that idea ever becomes revived, it will have big help from the Kelo Decision and a lot of condemnation proceedings will be practiced to provide adequate space for these Chinese communities.

Would China be satisfied to get the power of eminent domain as collateral for the new huge loan Sec. of State Hillary Clinton just managed to negotiate?  Hillary was over there. Two public officials were on television a few nights ago, and one of them described Hillary "on her bended knee, begging China to give us another loan".  China had been unwilling to take on any more of our debts.  The only backing we have for our money is the words "full faith and credit".  If we collapse because of the poor management and continual over-spending and inflation of this country's money, where is China's security for their loan?  What collateral did she come up with?   There has to be some worthwhile collateral for these massive loans being expended to us from a shrewd country, especially on top of what we already owe them. Is it possible that the federal government has already had to put up land as collateral for previous debts?  What else do we have to put up as collateral?  We have no gold.  The federal government holds 50% of the nation's land, which could be listed as collateral.   We need to ask "WHAT IS the collateral if we should be unable to pay this debt?  The Chinese read the paper and watch TV.  They understand our stock market.   The situation begs the question: "How much of our physical assets has been used as collateral?"  In the least, we should be knowing exactly what the collateral is!  If our money is destroyed by more inflation, or if we go bankrupt, surely the Chinese government is not expecting to recoup their money in payments of "interest due figures", or wallpaper money.   We realize that much of our land has already been consigned, turned over to the United Nations:  Rivers, national parks, wetlands, Biosphere reserves, Heritages such as Yellowstone National Park, Grand Canyon, Independence Hall, etc., and dozens of other national treasures.  Do we have enough other federal land and sites left to cover for all we are borrowing and spending hand over fist? Or will these huge loans also depend upon our privately owned land?

If you wonder whether it would be possible for privately owned land to be collateralized, remember back a few years ago when the National Association of Realtors' president (Julio S. Laguarta at the time, and pictured in the article) warned in his speech to the International Real Estate Federation in Toronto, Canada that "Failure to change an official United Nations policy that explicitly opposes the right of private property ownership will ultimately result in the destruction of our industry."  Mr. Laguarta then criticized the United Nation's position on "no private ownership of land" as he warned of and quoted the U.N.'s position as follows:  


        "Land, because of its unique nature and the crucial role it plays in human settlements, cannot be treated as an ordinary asset, controlled by individuals and subject to the pressures and inefficiencies of the market.  Social justice, urban renewal, and development, the provision of decent dwellings and health conditions for people can only be achieved if land is used in the interests of society as a whole.

Persons running the upcoming administrations under the "CHANGE" POLICY may be forced to honor the no private ownership of land policy!  Our government as a member of the U.N. has already had to adopt such a policy, even though we are not told about it. This land policy has never been known to have been rescinded.  If there is not enough federal land left to pay off the Federal Reserve, plus all those countries to whom we are now indebted, and especially the gigantic debt we owe China,  our ruling socialist elite may try to pay off the debt by including our land (formerly privately owned) to satisfy the investors!   The money was borrowed in the name of the people of the United States and the money borrowed will have to come from the assets of the people.    It is called a "crash!"

These issues may seem to many people that they cannot happen, but the debt is there and it is real.   We are going to be responsible for it in one way or another.  We need to understand more of the provisions in these loans, and the consequences.  Too few people have no idea that we are not on the gold standard.  FDR took us off the gold standard many many years ago when he called all the gold in to pay other debts.  THERE IS NO GOLD behind our greenbacks!  If we go bankrupt, a different ball game with different rules will be played, especially now that the socialists have taken over our country, and have acquired such world power.  China needs land.  They are looking to gain it. 

Please take time to go over these attachments of which there are a number. Wayne Hage's article is one of the best and is a must read.  Plenty of "sources" listed in there.   I have added check marks on a few of the important facts on some of the papers. 

Note that "agencies" appears is some of the articles you are receiving.  "Agencies" are not responsible to the people!  They are outside of and beyond the people's authority - not beholden to any Constitutional restraint.  They are run by internationalists.  If collateralizing our debts by using our properties seems unreal, then please consider that our presidents don't always have our best interest at heart.  Ever since Pres. John Kennedy signed the General & Complete Disarmament Law the Congress keeps funding Kennedy's Public Law 87-297, the law which divests us of our total U.S. national armed forces and transfers them to the United Nations on a permanent basis. We will have no military!  The same law also forbids all law-abiding citizens from owning or having access to a firearm of any kind.

When he was president, George W. Bush instituted a military government under the name Homeland Security "Agency".  The H.S.A. has merged the military with the civilian law enforcement systems, something never done in a republic, if it is to remain a republic. This altered concept of operation changes the United States from a republic into a dictatorship.  Obama is operating under Presidential Directive Decision 51 (P.D.D. 51) which empowers the president to be a dictator, and supersede the power of the Congress.  These are all just facts. What makes anyone think that we don't have to examine what is happening, especially when government leaders want to eliminate the Constitution and replace it with an already prepared world government constitution.  Hopefully, this article "Feds Grant Eminent Domain as Collateral to China for U.S. Debts." will bring people out of their lethargy.      


God bless America!