There is danger in the misuse of power.  Some of the counter-balances in the Constitutional system which the Founding Fathers erected, have been let to decompose.  One outstanding neglect is in the mismanagement of the organized militia, and the proper use, care and ownership of firearms.  This, unfortunately, has been greatly neglected.  The federal and state governments have both been working toward the gradual elimination of all firearms.  Check out Public Law 87-297 – the shocking program for “general and complete disarm-ament” of the people of the United States.  The United States State Department once published a document called ‘FREEDOM FROM WAR” (1961) that laid out their intention to completely disarm the people. Unfortunately, the State Department has discontinued publishing this document that exposes this unwise and evil intention; however, the document can be seen in its entirety on the Internet at


Constitutional Principle:  You cannot place the control of your right to arms under the control of the same people in whom you were meant to ‘guard against’ because of the opportunity the circumstance presents to public officials for tyranny in government. 


Evil thoughts are born in the minds of animated beings (people), not in tools made of metal. Guns do not invent the idea of killing. They are inanimated tools.  Guns do not inhale and exhale. They are not made of flesh and blood.  They do not hold animosities or grudges, and they do not run around looking for people to assault.  They only follow orders of whoever picks them up and operates them, using the energy the gun was meant to possess.   Generally speaking, it is the holder of the weapon, whose finger pulls the trigger who is responsible for its ability to fire.  It is the person who uses a gun for improper purposes who does the “assaulting”!  Who then should be described as being guilty of “assault”?  The gun?  Or the person who pulls the trigger?  Criminals have guns for assault.  Good law-abiding people do not own assault weapons. “Mis-users” of firearms are to blame for the criticism firearms are receiving today. 


Too little attention is being given to the thirst of some politicians (presidents and the like) for one solitary governing system over the entire world:  a “world government” steeped in communism, to which some have become dedicated.  The intention of the use of the gun is the focus to which, we should be drawn.  The “world government” proponents are building a “world army”, and those soldiers will be greatly armed, many times over, against the rightful liberties of the American people.  It would help to vote for new representatives, and eliminate all the gun grabbers in Washington, D.C. , and stay on constant watch!


Constitutional Principle:  Guns are a God-given right. Our Founders reasoned it properly.  Guns are the instruments which support God-endowed rights.  They are tools for preservation of the individual, his home, his land, and his other natural God-given rights.  They have great force, which often is of essential value within our republic.  Their force, when properly used, is used within our system to defend, protect, guard, and to secure freedom and liberty – not to assault!  The gun itself does not decide to pull the trigger.  That responsibility is left up to humans. Criminals are the assaulters!  Not the guns!  Out of 350,000,000 people, the percentage is low of those who severely abuse guns; however, that percentage could have been of a much lower sum if the government had not allowed the “well-regulated” militia to dissipate in America after the Civil War.  It is logical that a man (or woman) must have some sort of aid for the defense of him (or her) self, and for that of his (or her) country, other than just bare hands. 


Constitutional Principle:  The true militia is an armed population.

If we are not to go back to using knives, bows and arrows, clubs, or like today, cans of spray paint, for our defense, we must wrestle with the subject of the proper use of guns by armed citizens, and the restoration of proper training of the citizenry, individually and  collectively, as in a well-regulated militia.  It is the original Constitutional militia training that needs to be restored.  We are a nation who kill our young and future citizens in abortions, but leave open the gates for totally untrained people and criminals to enter, who come from communist countries, and are unaware of the purpose of our militia system. 


Constitutional Principle:  The right to arms is the keystone of our liberty.

The keystone amendment that backstops all of the other nine amendments in the Bill of Rights is the Second Amendment.  It is the linchpin for all other rights in the Bill of Rights, a document that cannot be repealed, revoked or rescinded.  The Second Amendment carries a “shall not be infringed” order with it.  Yet, the well regulated militia has been infringed, and if no corrective action is taken, the right to arms itself is headed for gradual dissolution. The well-regulated militia was constitutionally meant to include the whole people.  


Constitutional Principle:  The Constitution and the Bill of Rights belong to the people.

It is highly important to keep in mind that both the 1789 Constitution and the 1791 Bill of Rights were ratified by the people.  These two documents belong exclusively to the people.  They are their possession!   The Bill of Rights and its Second Amendment were meant to be in perpetuity and never repealed, revoked, or rescinded.  This is the reason the key rights were placed inside this sanctuary.  Congress does not possess the power or the authority to violate it.  The Dianne Feinstein’s, and others today of her kind in government service, are in serious violation of our laws.  


Constitutional Principle:  Consent of the governed is a requirement.

There is only one way that the prime rights in the Bill of Rights can be taken away (snookered away) from the people, in violation of the endowment given to them by the Creator, and that is, if the people can be mentally manipulated (brain washed) to request, consent, require, or support that such general and complete disarmament be done.  There never has been any true permission granted, nor consent given to prohibit use of hand guns by the people.  Today only a falsified document stands in federal records authorizing a complete prohibition of all hand guns.  There never has truly been the required “consent of the governed” obtained!  The globalists dream of fulfilling “the general and complete disarmament program” (the congressional law signed by John Kennedy, known as Public Law 87-297 for U.S. co-operation in world disarmament) exists as the authority for such madness!


When the militia was operating in proper order from George Washington’s time to the Civil War time period, anyone who was not mentally or physically fit to be a member of the militia was discovered and dismissed by the Brigade Inspector of each county.  A Brigade Inspector was in existence and in charge of every county in the U.S.A wherein every man was required to take annual militia training unless two practicing surgeons declared him unfit.  In that time period, farmers were trained to be soldiers overnight if and when it was necessary.


Constitutional Principle: The people are the final authority in a republic.

In spite of their falsifying the “consent of the governed” to abide by Public Law 87-297, the federal government has been hesitant to enforce the civilian population to disarm other than on a gradual basis, outlawing only certain guns at a time, periodically.  Closing and realignment of U.S.A. military bases was achieved under the Base Realignment and Closing Commission (BRAC) just a few years back.  The plan for a totally disarmed population is a scandal of great magnitude!  When the militia was operating in proper order from George Washington’s time to the Civil War time period, anyone who was not mentally or physically fit to have a weapon or to be a member of the militia was discovered and dismissed by the Brigade Inspector.  The Brigade Inspector was in charge of each county’s militia in every state of the Union.  Every man was required to take militia training unless two practicing surgeons declared him unfit.  The plan to disarm Americans cannot be stopped unless the people are awakened in time and are made to realize that their republic is being turned into a dictatorship.






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