“Treason doth never prosper. What’s the reason? Why, if it prosper, none dare call it treason!”


Treason is listed as a crime in both: our federal Constitution and the Constitutions of our individual states.  In the Constitution of the State of California, treason is defined as “levying war against the state; adhering to its enemies, giving them aid and comfort”.  Treason is a crime of great magnitude.  The federal Constitution assigns the authority to levy punishment against treason to the Congress.  However, what recourse do the people have when the majority of the members of Congress are found to be in collusion with the intents and purposes of presidentially-led treason?   Barack Obama has declared war on the sovereignty of the states.  He is revamping the United States for a world socialist system, which is to be policed by a communized, militarized world army.

Vigilance of our rightful constitutional system is the duty of all the people, and is not exclusively entrusted to public officials. Consistent betrayal of constitutional principles by the current president, and the party he represents, has been witnessed by the people.   However, the objective of abolishing our states, the silent goal of most of our presidents (ever since FDR, whose administration openly advocated their abolishment) is too serious and now too far advanced to ignore!  It presents real “terrorism”!

There are two ways to remove an unfaithful president: (1) if he violates the Constitution or (2) if he commits or participates in high treason.  Barack Obama has done both, just as the other world government seeking presidents that preceded him.   At least 12 presidents who preceded Obama have participated in this tandem effort to abolish our states, to finance and strengthen the international organizations which have been forming the framework and construction of a socialist world government apparatus that is nearing completion.

There is a solution as is listed in Black’s Law Dictionary.  It begins by identifying subversive acts with the word “Misprision”.   (“Misprision” is pronounced as “mis-pris-shun”.)  Misprision describes an offense which does not possess a specific name, and it covers all sorts of seditious or disloyal conduct; mal-administration of public office; neglect or improper performance of public duty; peculation of public funds; and even having knowledge of treason, and/or failing to reveal it to the proper authorities.  To see or know treason is going on, and failing to report it, is classed as a crime itself in the U.S.A.   It is called “Misprision of Treason”.

For scores of years the American public has witnessed the presidents of the United States engaging in a tandem effort to force dissolution of the American states, their constitutions and the Bill of Rights without any successful charges being brought against the perpetrators; neither by public officials who should be the first to sound the alarm; nor by the public itself, sending out a sufficiently demanding outcry against the dismembering of the Constitutional government and/or its protections.   Ratified by the states, the 1789 Constitution has always depended upon the states for its existence.  Our 7th president, Andrew Jackson, saw what was being tried in his time, and warned against it when he said: “Disunion by force is treason!” 

All of the last 13 presidents, including Obama, have taken orders from the “evil-power-behind-the-throne” instructing on how to gradually abolish the states, and the 1789 Constitution, which protects the existence of the states. These are treasonous acts! Yet, there has been no successful remedy to sail forth to stop this evil movement.    

Treason charges should have been brought many times before and must now be considered as the most viable alternative left.   A Declaratory Judgment can also be filed in court.  It lists charges which must be answered.  No permission or approval of the court is necessary in order to file a Declaratory Judgment.   The process is a matter of entering a charge on the record that must be answered. A suitable “constitutional” attorney should be found to guide the process. 

Electing the wrong people to office is the initial fault of the voters, and has been compounded by not having a criterion of action when betrayal occurred.  No public official has come forth to make charges of treason on their own, which should have been done as we witness the restructuring of our government and other events preparing the United States for international world government management.  Once a constituent tells a public official of treason, and he fails to take action, he has committed a crime himself, which is called “Misprision of Treason” – the failure to act when told of the presence of treason.  It is the law!

We owe it to our children, and generations yet to come, to put an end to the many treasonous activities that are unraveling our government while there is still time.


 “Those who are betrayed do feel the treason sharply; yet the traitor stands in the worse case of woe.”                                                                                                                                                               ……..William Shakespeare