The necessity for passage of this Memorial/Resolution has been caused by insufficient resistance in the past from state officials against certain activities of the federal government. “The United States Program for General and Complete Disarmament in a Peaceful World” has been enacted into law and is known as Public Law 87—297, entitled the “Arms Control and Disarmament Act of 1961”. The purpose of this law is to completely disarm the United States and every person residing therein. This Memorial/Resolution directs the President and the Congress of the United States to cease appropriating funds for pursuits in connection with this federal law together with all of its amendments. This Memorial/Resolution calls for a Citizen’s Grand Jury to provide future protection against a military government. This Memorial/Resolution places the State of California on record as being opposed to the unwarranted and unconstitutional actions of the federal government. The true nature of the Homeland Security ‘Agency’ needs to be made known and the permanent damage it can do must be prevented.







               OF  THE











Introduced by . . . . .


July 4, 2003


WHEREAS, Because certain laws and adverse policies have been made in the operation of the United States federal government, opposite to the original intention of the system, and with the discontent amongst the people rising, it becomes imperative that steps be taken by each of the several states to oppose unjust laws and repudiate that which is harmful and unlawful, and


WHEREAS, One such harmful law, called “The Arms Control and Disarmament Act” (Public Law 87-297), passed by the 87th Congress, signed by President John Kennedy on September 26, 1961, recorded in the United States Code Books under Title 22, beginning at Section 2551, and henceforth called the ‘parent disarmament law’, requires the transfer on a permanent basis of the entire armed forces of the United States to the control of military commanders in the communist-dominated Security Council of the United Nations; and


WHEREAS, On the first page of this appalling law, it boldly defines the meaning of the term “disarmament” in the following words:


     “The terms ‘arms control’ and ‘disarmament’ mean the identification, verification, inspection, limitation, control, reduction, or elimination, of armed forces and armaments of all kinds under international agreement including the necessary steps taken under such an agreement to establish an effective system of international control, or to create and strengthen international organizations for the maintenance of peace...There is hereby established an agency to be known as the ‘United States Arms Control and Disarmament Agency’.”; and


WHEREAS, Every two years since 1961, Congress has allocated funds to keep financing the parent law, and on December 11, 1989, another biennial amendment to it was passed which became known as the “Arms Control and Disarmament Amendment Act of 1989”, now known as Public Law 101-216, and it was signed by then-President George Herbert Bush. Public Law 101-216 included the meaning of the term “disarmament” and it is the same as that found in the parent law. Both laws include the elimination of privately owned arms belonging to the people; and


WHEREAS, The elimination of armed forces of all kinds would endanger the safety and security of the State of California, and the elimination of privately owned arms belonging to the people would endanger the safety and security of the people of this State. The State of California has a vested interest in the State Guard based upon and documented in the Constitution of the United States. The State of California also has a responsibility to provide safety and security for its citizens, to protect their natural rights, so that they may, in turn, assist in the protection of a free state and nation; and


WHEREAS, The State of California views Public Law 87-297 and Public Law 101-216 as intolerable violations of the American governmental principles as listed in the Constitution of the United States of America in Article I Section 8; Article II Section 2; Article IV Section 4; and in its Second Amendment, all of which require the presence of protective national armed forces and an armed citizenry; and


WHEREAS, The State of California finds Public Law 87-297 and its amendments to be an affront, and a defiance of the whole spirit of the Constitution which lists in its Preamble the primary reasons for formation of the Union, specifically requiring the federal government to “. . . insure domestic tranquillity, provide for the common defense. . . and secure the blessings of liberty....”; and


WHEREAS, These adverse laws form the basis of a global dictatorship, and pose a threat to the sovereignty, safety and security of the people who were guaranteed the right to arms and a republican form of government by the Constitution of the United States; and


WHEREAS, No nation ever did, nor ever can, retain its liberty and independence, sustain its freedom, achieve peace and domestic tranquillity, or preserve a republican form of government after the loss of its armed forces and the armaments of its citizens; and


WHEREAS, On September 25, 1961, President John Kennedy, in seeking cooperation of the countries of the world to participate in this three-stage Arms Control and Disarmament Program, disclosed its policies before the United Nations as he presented to them a State Department booklet (State Department Publication #7277 entitled “Freedom From War: The United States Program for General and Complete Disarmament In A Peaceful World”) which:


(1)    Documents that the United States at the present time is in Stage III;


(2)    Documents on Page 3 of the booklet, the requirement that a force “to preserve internal order” will take control of the United States before the close of Stage III;


(3)    Documents on Pages 1 & 5 of the booklet, that this “force” will be instituted and ready simultaneously “to preserve internal order”;


(4) Documents that the Plan is not only to generally and completely disarm the other nations of the world, but that the directive does apply to the United States of America, which includes the elimination of privately owned weapons belonging to the people; and


WHEREAS, The current President, George W. Bush, has laid the foundation for the force to preserve internal order simply by his issuance of a Presidential Decision Directive No. 1 (P.D.D.#1) signed on October 29, 2001, and it caused “the most extensive reorganization of the federal government in the past fifty years” as he created the “Advisory Council for the Homeland Security”; and


WHEREAS, Presidential Decision Directive No.1 was followed by the drafting by Congress of support legislation providing for installation of the massive cabinet level Homeland Security ‘Agency’ and they appropriated no less than 38 billion dollars to finance it; and


WHEREAS, An ‘agency’ is comprised of non-elective personnel, and the people will have no control over it; nor the ability to vote out or recall the controlling officials; and


WHEREAS, President George W. Bush signed legislation turning the “Homeland Security Act of 2002” into law on November 26, 2002 (Public Law 107-296) which brought together “22 entities with critical Homeland Security missions”; and later he produced a book entitled the “National Strategy for Homeland Security” which he used to camouflage and make possible public acceptance of these unlawful activities, giving excuses that “The U.S. Coast Guard is one that would enable us to triumph over the terrorist threats”; and


WHEREAS, The Homeland Security ‘Agency’ intends to re-classify Americans as being “domestic terrorists” if they object to the surrender or seizure of their privately owned firearms or believe that there is a right for the people collectively to possess firearms called the Second Amendment, composed of law-abiding citizens; and


WHEREAS, Some of the statements made in President Bush’s book entitled “National Strategy for Homeland Security” bear witness to unconstitutional motives, and need to be better understood.  Four such statements from the book are:


(1)  To “recapitalize the United States Coast Guard”: President Bush’s “National Strategy for Homeland Security” states that the United States Coast Guard is being assigned the “responsibility for national defense”, and it will be assigned other “multiple command and control missions”, which include the “protection of national resources”, etc. These plans indicate that the U.S. Coast Guard will be retained and reconstituted for domestic use as the #7277 force “to preserve internal order”;


(2)  To “improve intergovernmental law enforcement cooperation”: simply put, is an effort to further streamline the previously federalized law enforcement systems and to enhance additional command and control systems. Control of state civilian law enforcement systems is not a prerogative of the federal government. It is unconstitutional, and is a flagrant violation of the Check and Balance System; nevertheless, the civilian law enforcement systems in 1974-75 were taken up, federalized and revamped by the federal government’s now-retired Law Enforcement Assistance Administration. They were revamped to be in accord with military concepts on a regional basis. The additional improvements now planned under the Homeland Security ‘Agency’ indicate that the on-coming “improvements” will streamline the underpinnings and improve the link to the unified global command and control system; which has already been completed, paid under a contract, which is known as the “Worldwide Military Command and Control Systems” (WWMCCS). The WWMCCS was federally contracted with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology-Research Engineering Department (MITRE); 


(3) To “unify America’s infrastructure protection effort in the Department of Homeland Security  ‘Agency’”: is a proposition that beguiles the innocent. There has always been, for over 212 years, a sharp line drawn between the military and the civilian law enforcement systems. Never before in this American republic were these two systems ever “unified” and joined together under one head. To do so transforms a “republic” into a “dictatorship” type of government. This change has now been made under the Homeland Security ‘Agency’ with the merging of the civilian police with the military under one head. Further, the Homeland Security being an ‘Agency’, a system of non-elected personnel, means that it is not responsible to the people for its actions;


(4) To “intensify international law enforcement cooperation”: furthers various training programs held with foreign countries in which exchanges of American police officers with communist police and military officers has been practiced.  It could include importation of armed foreign military service men and women as there is evidence by a letter from one of our state governors on March 18, 1993 that the federal government has worked with 87 officers from 66 different countries for training. It is quite apparent that the Homeland Security ‘Agency’ will soon be further fused on an international regional basis; and


WHEREAS, The numerous alterations made in the framework of the general government are being heralded by representatives in the Homeland Security ‘Agency’ as “transformations”. Considering the following evidence, serious and fast action by unbiased persons in the private sector is necessary to thoroughly investigate the liabilities, perils, and “transformations” being made which augment the motives of the Homeland Security ‘Agency’, including closing down of traditional U.S. military bases; the transformation of police officers under sovietization techniques; the plan to eliminate the county sheriffs and replace and/or merge them with marshals to further federalize counties; the establishment of a social army to mandate socialistic practices (E.O.13285 G.W.Bush); and more enhancements of the powers of the Secretary of the Homeland Security (E.O.13286 G.W.Bush). If the many acts of self—endowed, self-perpetuated, and unconstitutional powers, are allowed to stand, it will positively and soon transform this republic into a fully operating military government; and


WHEREAS, Consider this:


(1) The desire to produce a force “to preserve internal order” has been publicly expressed and documented in State Dept. Publication #7277 since 1961 for the advancement of the Disarmament Program;


(2)     The force “to preserve internal order” is expected to be created and instituted during Stage III of the Disarmament Program;


(3)     The federal government cannot deny that the Disarmament Program is currently involved in Stage III operations;


(4)     Stage III is the time period in which the institution of a “force to preserve internal order” must be simultaneously undertaken to co-incide with the expansive assignments of the United States armed forces fulfilling the international role of peacekeepers over the world;


(5)The armed forces of the United States are in Stage III, and they are fulfilling the role of peacekeepers over the world;


(6)     The Homeland Security ‘Agency’ is actually #7277’s “force to preserve internal order” and does possess the potential and capabilities necessary to militarily control the United States, in accord with the schemes of the General and Complete Disarmament Program;


(7)President George W. Bush, being closely tied to his father, the former president who signed Public Law 101-216, has never renounced or rescinded this disarmament law that father George H. Bush signed;


(8)President George W. Bush constantly makes statements with reference to “achieving peace” while at the same time authorizing and applying military force and promoting conquests that disarm other nations, which indicates an international commitment to advance the General and Complete Disarmament Program for his father.


(9)The Homeland Security ‘Agency’ has now broken a 212-year-old tradition, forbidding the merger of civilian law enforcement systems with the military. Never before within the American republic were these two systems ever “unified” and joined together under one head, which is a requirement for a military government, and it now exists;


(10)This unhealthy alliance of (a) desire, (b) potential, and (c) capability is never done unless a country is being prepared for operation as a dictatorship. Someone has to answer for this; and therefore, be it


RESOLVED, by the Senate and the Assembly of the State of California, jointly, That here is strong evidence that the Homeland Security is not really for protection against terrorists, but is being instituted to saddle Americans under a military government to fulfill the daydreams of those who have openly announced that they are following an agenda to install a military government over the totally disarmed world, which if not stopped, will put an end to all rights of the people, and be it further


RESOLVED, by the Senate and the Assembly of the State of California, jointly, That the Constitution of the United States of America is the supreme law of the land; therefore, it is the responsibility of the individual states to provide protection against the unconstitutional acts of the federal government, and to enforce this Constitution, adhering to the sworn Oath of Office within. The State of California hereby memorializes and orders the federal government:


(1) To cease its unwarranted authority over civilian law enforcement systems of the states and to restore them back under state control;


(2) To immediately and permanently cease funding and close down the Arms Control and Disarmament ‘Agency’ and all its amendments;


(3) To immediately and permanently cease funding and eliminate the existence of the Homeland Security ‘Agency’;


(4) To cease and eliminate use of beguiling words, such as “peace” “freedom” and “democracy” which in reality are stand-in words for a global system, which will abolish the natural rights of the people of the State of California, to deprive them of their liberty, to weaken and destroy the Union, to degenerate the U.S. economy, and to completely overthrow the American system of Constitutional government; and be it further


RESOLVED, by the Senate and the Assembly of the State of California, jointly, That a Citizens’ Grand Jury shall be erected with powers:


(1)    To protect and preserve the people’s right of free speech, which in turn, supports their natural peaceful right of resistance against despotism, sedition, or a military or globalized form of government;


(2) To rescind, revoke, and repeal all unlawful acts and unconstitutional inroads of the federal government;


(3) To report on, and make widely known, the deceptive nature of the Homeland Security ‘Agency’ and prevent a recurrence of such plans;


(4) To promote and defend the spirit and rightful meaning of the 1789-91 Constitution of the United States of America, and to restore and preserve the natural rights and authority of the people as confirmed by the Bill of Rights;


(5)    To restore and preserve the ultimate authority of the people, the powers of the states by virtue of the Tenth Amendment, and to give voice to the vigilant;


(6)To restore and preserve the safeguards of the Check and Balance System within the federal government, states, and their subdivisions;


(7)To call for and support laws that strengthen and maintain compliance to the sworn Oath of Office that contain appropriate, solid, and enforceable penalties for violations against the fundamental principles within the Constitution;


(8)To operate and be maintained under the full authority of the public sector, free of government or political party influence and/or control, whose studies and findings are to be reported to all the people of the state and nation with every form of public media being required to publicize them, thus solving and preventing a recurrence of the unconstitutional conditions such as now prevail; and be it further


RESOLVED, by the Senate and the Assembly of the State of California, jointly, That the Legislature of the State of California being in support of this Memorial/Resolution, on behalf of its citizens orders the President and Congress:


(1) To recognize that the real seat of power is primarily in the people themselves, and the power delegated to the State was meant to give them support in upholding the principles within the Constitution of the United States;


(2) To recognize that the State of California on behalf of its law-abiding people hereby avows a renewal of the Constitutional principle which confirms that the people have a right to arms without being infringed, or vilified as “domestic terrorists”;


(3) To recognize that the minuscule misuses of guns pale alongside of their enormous value as a protection for the authority and liberty of the people, for preservation of their safety, and that of the nation, and its Constitutional form of government;


(4) To recognize that it is the duty of the people and the State at all times to maintain perpetual vigilance, to be responsible for guarding against usurpation, seditious activity, and despotic acts by federal officials, which in any manner or form establishes a global or a militarized government;


(5) To recognize the need for further enforcement methods and laws, with appropriate solid and enforceable penalties added for violations committed against the sworn Oath of Office, by acts of federal government officials, but not to be limited to laws, agreements, purported treaties, executive orders, Presidential Directive Decisions, and any other activity, stratagem or device that has the effect of violating fundamental principles of the Constitution;  


(6) To recognize that in these times of great turmoil, caused by federal government officials and their insatiable thirst for world power under their desired “new world order”, which has resulted in the creation of massive enemies against the people of the United States, the need for the people to be properly trained to arms is now, more than ever, necessary in the defense of a free state, and for protection against a military government;


(7) To recognize that if such training had been kept up, there would be no need for passage of this Memorial/Resolution that has now become so necessary in order to peaceably arrest the “transformations” which lie at the root of the problems the nation now faces from within and the dangers it faces from without; and be it further


RESOLVED, by the Senate and the Assembly of the State of California, jointly, That for the stability of this State, the integrity of our legislature, and the protection of the people of the State of California, we issue this Memorial/Resolution and urge the Secretary of the California State Senate to transmit copies of this Memorial/Resolution to the Governor, the Secretary of State and the Attorney-General of the State of California, to the President and Vice President of the United States of America, to the Speaker of the United States House of Representatives, and to each Senator and Representative from California in the Congress of the United States; and be it still further


RESOLVED, by the Senate and the Assembly of the State of California, jointly, That if the federal system of government ignores or fails to act, choosing not to cooperate within a reasonable response time with the constitutional directives herein, and thus refuses to restore the rights, security, and safety of the people of this State, the State of California shall plead with its sister states to utilize their intrinsic powers under the Tenth Amendment of the Bill of Rights to meet in a formal session and draft an action on their own to override the unlawful acts of the federal government; and be it still further


RESOLVED, by the Senate and the Assembly of the State of California, jointly, That in the event that the State of California fails to garner a majority of support to act with its sister states, with not enough legislators choosing to cooperate within a reasonable response time with the directives herein, it is agreed by those legislators who do approve this action that the people are justified to peaceably meet in order to preserve and protect the Constitution, utilizing their own intrinsic powers to override the devastating acts of the federal government by assembling a Citizens’ Grand Jury, thereby peacefully nullifying the errant laws, restoring those rights and constitutional principles now threatened, including the right to prevent a recurrence of the unwarranted and dangerous conditions which now prevail; and still further be it


RESOLVED, by the Senate and the Assembly of the State of California, jointly, That it is agreed that the constitutional authority of the prudent law-abiding people supersedes that of the ill-directed executive, legislative, and judicial branches of government, and before it is too late to peaceably stop the complete overthrow of the Constitution by the federal government, we State legislators together, or as individuals, working separately from, but in unison with the law-abiding people, find that the responsibility falls upon all of us to repudiate these unjust laws and adverse policies, an obligation for which we ask the blessings of Divine Providence. 


Submitted under the Authority of the People


-- End of text --




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