Regarding the “Recession”, what is being done about all the businesses that have moved out of the country and have increased our unemployment rolls?   What about all the federal management work that Bush has farmed out to foreign countries?   Or his open borders and immigration policy!


Bush isn’t telling that he caused the Recession because of all the grants he has given overseas of our money (‘grants’ are never to be paid back); nor the horrifying cost of the wars!  Wars destroy the economy of the victor as well as the vanquished: their monetary, and economic woes increase.  He never mentioned cutting federal spending.  Instead his solution is to increase federal spending.  More fiat money will be spent to finance food stamps and unemployment benefits without any reduction in massive global-government building budgets and spending.  More phony printing press money reduces the value of our American dollar, adds to the inflation, and increases the Recession!


This Recession may increase his push for the Real ID card (also called the national ID card).  We are falling into error to allow the Homeland Security Agency (H.S.A.) to demand the states establish the Real ID card.   Instead, we should be calling for the Homeland Security Agency itself to be abolished, as it is the military government formation necessary under total global government management.  The H.S.A. has put every police officer in the nation ‘on line’ to do its legwork.  This is more than just unconstitutional!  Law enforcement belongs to the states! It is a part of the check and balance system.  The H.S.A. has broken the Posse Commitatus law, which forbids the merger of the military with civilian law enforcement.  Nevertheless, this has been done, and it has been left to stand!   (‘Agencies’ are not responsible to the people.)   This merger creating the Homeland Security Agency constitutes the basic underpinnings of a dictatorship! 


Meanwhile, the push goes on for the Real ID card.  Through the use of this card,  our now federalized police can communicate with a satellite that is a data bank, listing information on the people.  The anti-gun federal government administration wants all privately-owned guns prohibited and surrendered in order to eliminate resistance to the ‘new world order’.  It has a pretty good idea as to who has guns:  forms used by gun dealers in gun sales; information on who has applied for ‘concealed carry’ permits; and names of people subscribing to books for hunting or shooter information. The government has also seen a membership list of N.R.A. members.  Chertoff says no new satellite is going to be built to accommodate the Real ID card, but did he tell you that S.E.A.R.C.H. (Systems for Electronic Analysis and Retrieval of Criminal Histories), a data bank, was built from the 1970’s on?  It required fingerprints and a photograph of the person.   Did your state driver’s license switch over to the electronically transmissible photo of you, as is required in California?  Guns can be easily called in with the help of bills such as Rush Holt of New Jersey has carried, but not yet passed.   Soon all gun owners and critics of globalism will be classed as criminals.


If guns are acclaimed to be subject to “reasonable regulation” and “federal limits”, as U.S. Solicitor General Paul D. Clement is now arguing in a brief for the U.S. Supreme Court in the ongoing arguments over the legality of a District of Columbia ban on handguns in homes, the natural right confirmed in the Second Amendment is grievously jeopardized.  Such a federal anti-gun victory will aid the system necessary for anti-gunners to seize our guns.  This will destroy our defense against the North American Union, and collapse the Constitutional system.  Such “catastrophes” as these were planned in the government document “The Politics of Change in Local Government Reform.”


We know that the Bill of Rights is not subject to repeal.  We know that the Second Amendment was written to stop federal infringement of the people’s gun rights.  Why do we not have a greater outcry against federal interference in powers that were forbidden to them?  We need to do some REAL evaluating without allowing the wolf to tell us where we stand or how to correct it!