For your information, the following came to me from a friend who listens to Tami Bruce’s Weekend Roundup, a talk show on March 22, 2008.  Tami is a "reformed" liberal.   Tami said:


"The Virtual Border Fence has been scrapped after $85.5 million for 28 miles because Boeing apparently - everything they offered just didn't work right. Somehow they can manage to build great airplanes and somehow our scientists and the technology can send a rover to Mars and send back a picture of the earth and the moon together but we can't manage to put a camera upon a stick (at our southern Border) that can't tell the difference between a cow or a man at 500 feet.  I don't believe it.  We're better than that which means we meant for that not to work. 


But here’s the good part:


We are finally funding and building the border fence….for Egypt.  The U.S. and all our greatness…. The US has announced it is planning to help Egypt build a border fence along the Gaza-­Egypt border. You know that border wall that the terrorists blew up….


We're sending $23 million worth of special aid….even as part of this assistance, there will be technology to locate the smuggling tunnels.  We have those too.  But we keep saying we don't have the resources and manpower to close the tunnels but it is funny how we find it for Egypt!"


(Then she makes a sound on the radio of a toilet flushing!!!)


"It's going to be a physical fence and technology….and we are sending our Army Corp of Engineers - teams and teams are going to Egypt to build their border.  


All of Congress had to approve of this and then the President had to approve, and nobody said a darn thing…."



This article is being relayed on March 24, 2008 to show how Bush and his administration are neglecting their own country.