By Bernadine Smith, National Director

Second Amendment Committee


Under the illusion of a program to curb crime, it appears that a new system to control the people is being saddled upon the people with neighbors reporting on neighbors, and close surveillance by government of the people in their homes as to their habits and thinking . 


In a recent California newspaper article it was reported that sheriff’s deputies are canvassing county areas.  The initial purpose is to conduct a survey, to find out "what the concerns and needs of the people in the community are", but they do not want the citizens to feel alarmed if a deputy suddenly shows up at their front door asking questions.  Residents are told that they are being offered “a chance to give feedback to the sheriff’s department" and to participate in a survey to find out what the community’s needs are.  The sheriff’s department wants to learn about “problems in their community that involve crime, or things that the neighbors feel need investigation”.  The deputies in uniform will knock on doors and ask questions of those adults who wish to participate.  They are also being asked if they wish “to participate in the 'Citizens on Patrol' program where they will work with law enforcement to help protect their communities”.  They are also being asked to rate the service of the sheriff’s department: “Do you feel your neighborhood is safe?”  Cmdr. Don Deeds makes this comment: “It helps us reach that level of service they’re wanting”.  


Hitler set up a system by which he could manage every household.  The neighborhood (which was called by the German word “gau”) had an appointed informant in each. The person in charge of the neighborhood (“gau”) was also an informant to Hitler’s dictatorial regime.   He was called the “gauleiter”.  Information on the people within those neighborhoods was fed upward by means of the “gauleiter” for use of that totalitarian administration.  In turn, instruction was relayed downward through this same conduit as the "gauleiter" received instruction as to what thought and behavior would be tolerated by the administration. 


Veiled as a crime prevention program, such a system is now taking shape in our nation.  Unfortunately, the sheriffs do not comprehend how much we have copied from Hitler’s manage-ment systems.  People have reported that our 1968 Gun Control Act is a duplication of the Nazi legislation, and was lifted almost in its entirety from the Nazi Weapons Law of March 18, 1938.  After the collapse of the German Third Reich in 1945, the United States “planners” brought many of Adolph Hitler’s scientists to the U.S.A.  They received a tremendous augmentation when they rummaged over what was left of Hitler’s Third Reich, and the United States retrieved not only Hitler’s scientists, but also adopted the inductive type of reasoning and logic that was used to operate that totalitarian government.  They saw the thorough planning systems that Hitler’s regime used, and they seized upon the thoroughness of Hitler’s management systems.  Those techniques and elementary concepts were merged with the American government management systems and were introduced as a systematic process of solving sequential problems.


Another duplication was recently achieved by the oval office of the federal government at which time the “Homeland Security Agency” was instituted.  The establishment of the “Homeland Security Agency” seriously altered the framework of the American government.  The civilian law enforcement and the military were merged together under the control of one agency head!  It should have been a “no, no” because law enforcement is a prerogative that belongs exclusively to the people in the states.  The civilian law enforcement and the military are never merged together in a republic -- if it is to remain a republic!  For over 215 years in America, a sharp line has always separated the military from the civilian law enforcement.  Today, that line no longer exists! Because the two are merged, this nation is now structured for operation under a military concept of government.  


Sheriffs and all other law enforcement officials have been restructured under the command and control of the “Homeland Security Agency”.  Every police officer throughout this nation is now ‘on line’ and beholden to the militarization of civilian law enforcement under  unified command by the “Homeland Security Agency”.  In order for an American police officer to retain his (or her) certification, he (or she) is required to report annually for a forty-hour training course held under the authority of the “Homeland Security Agency”.


In past years, the training course for certification of police officers covered three subjects:


(1) Firearms   (2) Sexual Abuse of a Child, and   (3) Domestic Violence.  


This year (2005), the order has come from the Bush administration to alter this federally controlled training course so that it now instructs these three subjects instead, as follows:


            (1) Firearms   (2) Sexual Abuse of a Child, and   (3) Unified Command!


Those that do the ‘planning’ behind the scenes intend to either eliminate our sheriffs entirely, or reduce his powers so that the sheriff is no higher in rank than a beat officer.  Do you see any danger ahead in the mergers going on to unite federal marshals and sheriffs together in the same reorganized office?  Is the newly structured sheriff department neighborhood program not just another idea borrowed from Adolph Hitler?   Is this really the service Americans are wanting?


 Meanwhile, law enforcement officers, oblivious to the consequences of these devious alterations in the concept of American government, clamor for positions and seek the high paying salaries in the ranks of the “Homeland Security Agency”!   Unfortunately, everyone thinks that when orders come down from ‘on high’, those orders are unquestionably free from any challenge.  Would not an examination of the sources that shape our government’s ‘transformation’ be worthwhile?





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