May 7, 2003


Letter to the Editor,


The Supreme Court of the United States denied my Writ of Certiorari. The Second Amendment is fractured again. Shame on these Justices. The Court apparently feels all other issues that come before them are important enough to offer a decision, but not our Second Amendment Rights. Well, since I have willingly spent two years of my life to this point, I have decided, in spite of the odds, to prepare and file a Petition for Rehearing. Then I will be satisfied I went the distance. Oh yes, I also intend to begin again! My Right to Keep and Bear Arms is so dear to me. I’m dedicating another two years of my retirement to keep on fighting. I will file against these two public servants (a petition with two prongs) A First Amendment violation on a right to address a grievance and violation of a contract with all Sovereign Citizens to obey their Oath of Office. The Justices that chose the option to ignore this case are spineless cowards. This Court’s decision to deny this case is a disgrace to every Sovereign Citizen—an absolute, complete contempt for the people. It matters not what your personal belief or position is on the Second Amendment, but this body of Socialists have destroyed another part of our Constitution. I have but one regret—that being I will never be allowed the opportunity to make a statement face to face. The Patriots out there should never forget this attempt and assist all those others that are still in the running to force these Traitors to obey their “Oath”. Give them all the support you can afford.

Read Black’s Law Dictionary, Seventh Edition, Page 1361, and absorb the word “Sedition”. The Courts are sowing the seeds. It ain’t over yet.


D.      M. Bird

E.       Rancho Tehama, CA


(530) 585-2779


P.O. Box 5313

Corning, CA 96021



NOTE:  It is generally accepted that only rarely do the Justices at the Supreme Court reverse their position once they have issued a denial. Donald Bird does not intend to leave any stone unturned; therefore, has prepared a “Petition for Rehearing” which differs to the extent that he cites more cases, and makes further statements.

                                     —— Bernadine Smith