Added note by Bernadine Smith:  Please read but stay calm!  We need to demand that our law enforcement systems be put back under STATE control – not federal control.  The Homeland Security Agency is unconstitutional anyway because it is a merger of civilian law enforcement with the military – which is the formula for a dictatorship!  That is something which is never done in a republic!


By Greg Evensen

September 1, 2008


Now before you start calling people who can video tape my arrest for your misconception of what I have said in the title, please read on.

Within the next few weeks you will be witness to the most highly insulting and desperately misleading political campaigns ever seen by American citizens. It will be that way because in order to sell the presumed candidates, campaign officials and party leaders will blitz this nation with more horse dung than has EVER been thrown through the fan blades before.

How is it that 280 million legal American citizens (out of 304 million people living within our borders) can only produce the two present pitiful representatives from the dominant parties? Simple answer? Because this whole process has been pre-ordained, programmed and the outcome sealed before the campaigns ever began. If there is the slightest possibility that the directed outcome does not follow the script, then the computerized voting machines will be required to do what they were designed to do. CHEAT.

The parties have shunned, vilified, embarrassed, threatened and followed through on their internal efforts to squelch all opposition. They have stacked the decks on who is a delegate and made real choice impossible. The party leaders (all of whom are directed by CFR links and “established” wise men in government and business) must do this to protect the “status quo” and allow the ultimate destiny of the United States to be fulfilled. That destiny is complete destruction and absolute allegiance to the monied elites. Freedom loving sovereign citizens are extinct. They just have not been taken out…yet.

Here is the short list of issues most of you already know all too well. O’Bama is a communist. He has been preached to for twenty years or so (depending on which version of his history you believe) in a God-less church “pastored” by a vicious hater of whites and traditional Americans.


He has traveled with extremists and terrorists. He is a seductive orator who will tax us into oblivion, promote a homosexual preferred culture, advance abortion on every level, nominate leftist supreme court justices, endorse international law in America, criminalize self-defense and firearms ownership, restrict or eliminate free air waves and publishing, work openly with “La Raza” (the Race) radicals in destabilizing what’s left of our southern border and branding Christian Patriots has domestic terrorists.


I can find not a single bit of information to recommend to you that Barack O’Bama has the credentials, moral character, history, birth records, experience or constitutional knowledge to hold the office of president. This nation and what is left of freedom is ABSOLUTELY doomed if this evil man and his minions are place in the Oval Office. I implore you to consider your alternatives. Do Not support or vote for this predator who feeds on freedom.

Likewise, there is a short list for the other candidate, John McCain. He is a RINO and a closet socialist. He is absolutely in agreement with the same illegal Mexican invasion crowd and shows no shame for his perverted anti-American position. McCain was a willing participant in the Keating Five Savings and Loan scandal and should have been prosecuted. He treated his ex-wife with no compassion during a critical illness and then walked out to pursue the beer heiress. He was a reckless pilot who retained flying status only because of his “father’s” rank, and according to some sources was less than an honorable prisoner of war. McCain earned strange “respect” from some politicians because of his renegade status challenging traditional republican positions while in the senate. His claim to fame is the abysmal campaign reform legislation and his great drinking buddies on the democratic side of the aisle. His name is not on the live birth roster at the US Naval base in Panama in 1936, and the hospital he claims he was born in was not built until 1942. He is an internationalist, a grudging minimal gun rights convert, and thinks he can live with true Christians only because he so desperately needs their vote. The Lord himself must be walking the back forty in Heaven, head in His hands, wondering what happened to America.

I choose Chuck Baldwin because he stands for everything these two morons can’t abide. Vote your conscience. Use the ballot box first.

There is no new ground here. If you want to read a real gem, take in Andrew Wallace’s current piece. This is part three of his clear and eloquent expose’ of the current American position and why we are where we are. Andrew has made the case. We must support his position, all of us, readers, writers, and Americans. He is my good friend and he has said all that can be recorded about our current condition. The reasons are clear. I wanted to convey to you in the simplest terms why we cannot ignore these two slick politicians. They shame us, our history, our patriots who fought, died, and believed in a Republican form of government and our Bill of Rights. They died for a concept that is alien to these two fanatics and they died for a nation that no longer exists. WE must bear the blame for our situation.


Our courts and police agencies are the other two legs of stability in our nation and they are on the express train to hell in terms of their false allegiances and programmed loyalties to traitors bent on enslaving us or destroying our ability to feed ourselves with safe foods, protect ourselves from those that would steal our way of life, and addict us to poison in the forms of pharmaceuticals and vaccines. A pandemic has been engineered to spread H5N1 thereby requiring us to receive a government mandated flu shot that is more deadly than the disease.


Radical depopulation is the Bilderburg goal; H5N1 is one of the means. Our armed forces are being devastated by depleted uranium (tank and armor piercing rounds) on the battlefield, banks are on the razor edge of self-induced currency failure and the Godless/communistic/United Nations continues to rot in the city of New York. Could it get worse? Yes.

I still observe hundreds of thousands of Americans standing behind O’Bama and McCain, cheering like it’s the state championship game, all glassy eyed and sure that they are doing the most sacred American thing. That is, getting involved!! Promoting what is best for America, don’t you know. My God, how completely absurd they look and act. They are co-conspirators in the final destruction of America. Is there any hope?

Recently, I was a guest with Dr. Bill Deagle on his radio show. Over the past several months I have been quietly speaking with police officers at various levels and departments or agencies. I have been very careful NOT to place them in a position that they could be identified or harassed.
What came through was a vast list of standing orders and action units that are being funded and trained by Washington for use in this country for the near term. The results will be disastrous beyond description if these measures are implemented. They will turn the American people, who will by then finally be aware of their plight, into vengeful mobs. All in the name of peace and safety, many police officers will implement the Illuminati’s great master plan for the taming of America.

These efforts through funded law enforcement agencies will include:


• - Quick apprehension and process strategies. “Grab and go guys.”

• - Infield Apprehension Units—Using fed and local assault teams.

• - Anticipated Violence and Resistance Squads—take out patriots using 12 man “crash and grab” teams with full land and air assault assets.

• - Instant Roadblock and Urban Chokepoints—to isolate cities. Prefabricated on-road fortified and gated stop houses with road side detention facilities in military semi-trailers. Feld Kommando style.

• - Total Forfeiture Task Forces—to confiscate ALL desired personal assets (food stockpiles, weapons, ammunition, water storage)

• - The use of taped and computerized morphed “conversations” that create a crime using your own voice and rearranged words as evidence to justify immediate arrests and secret detention.

• - Dossiers already built on false charges that are ready to be used against targeted patriots/Christians/Constitutionalists and also used to obtain search or arrest warrants. Gestapo and SS tactics used here.

Tactical Team Commanders and Command Staff Executive Officers have restricted access to these and other military style police programs. They have non-disclosure policies with heavily compartmentalized plans “blue-sealed” except for top state and federal police commanders. Field units are preparing their men for instant response to a given area that is blanketed for pick-up and detention or transportation of “suspects.”

Can you begin to comprehend the advanced efforts of our once proud peace officer fraternity?


The good news is that efforts by former police officers, “converted” special agents and troopers within active ranks and God bless ‘em rank and file police officers and sheriff’s deputies are getting the picture—and they don’t like it one bit. We will not know until the siren wails just how many in law enforcement will indeed serve and protect their jurisdictions against domestic enemies within government, but I believe a significant number will stand ready to disobey unlawful orders and encourage their fellow officers to do the same. I do believe that will happen. At that moment, the tide will turn. I pray that we can and will rely only on the ballot box in every elected position in America. Vote wisely, vote OUT traitors and vote IN patriots, especially on the local level.


The choices and the results of your civic duty are clear. To fail in this will leave the other box. That choice is a dead end game. Be very, VERY clear. We may be forced into that position, however; those results will give us only heartache and grief. Let’s do all that we can to change this nation correctly.


Follow Christ in all things. Do what is right regardless if people like you or not. Don't look for people's approval (love of the world) and, don’t give up or give in for sake of compromise……


© 2008 Greg Evensen - All Rights Reserved


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