The American Declaration Had To Be Written!

You must read this!


Something had to be done!  We were going down the drain so fast and no viable recourse was in sight!  The time for the people to use their residual powers had finally arrived.  Consequently, the American Declaration was written!  The American Declaration is the only peaceful action left to save the nation and the rights of the people!  It is presented here in two forms: (1) As a Legislative action with support by state officials; and (2) As an official Declaration which is a mandate from the people, needing no approval by public officials, demanding observance of the laws of this nation.  These two are companions to the “Authority of the People Memorial.”


If we continue to allow our Constitutional principles to be altered under the current globalization process, and permit disarmament laws to gradually divest us of all of our Second Amendment rights, we are done for!!  Without guns, freedom is dead! Without guns, this nation, our states, our Constitution, our safeguards, and all of our fundamental rights will be wiped out!  Once a military government is installed, the ruling military commanders can (and have already stated that they will) scrap the whole Constitution of the United States.  Then they will be free to call in all the guns belonging to the people.  Plans were once discussed to conduct house-to-house searches, a system under which soldiers in recent years have already been drilled as to how to perform such searches.   Without guns, there will be no hope to stop the cruelties of a military dictatorship.  As you can see, there is no time to waste! 


Guns have always been the guardian of the Constitution and your liberty.  Without guns only a despotic government reigns.  Go over these three documents which follow.  There are two versions of the American Declaration:


(1st) The full version (it begins with the word: ‘Constrained’) does not need any public official to enact it into law.  It is a mandate from the people -- a proclamation -- an order -- which needs no approval of public officials!  It does not present any new law!   It is a statement of the supreme law in this country!  The full version takes the same path of recognition as was taken by the Declaration of Independence.


(2nd) The Legislative version needs to be entered into the Constitution OF THE STATE (not the federal Constitution!).  Both versions work together and are statements of what the law already is: statewide and nationwide.  Only the Legislative Version and the Memorial need to get support of public officials. 


The GOOD NEWS is that Assemblyman Dennis Mountjoy of California is introducing both the Legislative Version and the Memorial.  He was very receptive to these two proposals and he said he was “happy that California will be the first state in the nation to introduce these documents.  Mountjoy will instruct the Legislative Counsel not to change one word in these documents.  This order has to be enforced.  The legislator has the “say” as to what will be said in his proposed legislation, despite what “suggestions” the Legislative Counsel may try to influence that weaken the documents.  Do not permit changes.   


Just in case your state has a deadline for introducing new legislation, you should call and ask the Legislative Counsel what your state’s deadline date is.  It is usually early in the year in many states; however, these documents qualify for “emergency status” which can exceed a normal deadline requirement. 


We furnish copies of each of these documents in attractive folders with supportive papers to back up each document.  Please contact me by phone (559-584-5209) if you feel that you could approach your representative on the state level, and persuade him (or her) to introduce these two documents in your state.  The cost for the legislative presentation comes in two folders and is only $15.00 (shipping is included). 


If you wait until house-to-house searches begin, you will have waited too long!  Get going now.  Download these documents.  Take them to your group and friends and plan to jump into the action before martial law is called over us.  Spread the word on this movement before you reach the point of no return.


Regarding the full American Declaration:  a respected group in your community should get together (each state separately) and hold an official signing ceremony. 


Geo W. Bush tells us how vigilant his administration is for our safety.  Vigilance is the prerogative and the responsibility of the people: vigilance is ours!  It is the federal administration that needs to be watched.  Much of the damage done to our nation is being done by use of the treaty power. 


Treaties are serious matters: they are enforceable over every individual.  We have treaties in force that discard our Bill of Rights, our independence, our self-sufficiency, our economy, and the whole Constitution.  This is against the law!


We have had an insufficient outcry while all these alterations in the American System of government were being instituted leading to the quiet conquest of this nation by global socialists and globalist communists.  The evidence written into the Memorial will prove to people that we are not talking “theory”.  It unveils an evil master plan to overthrow our rightful Constitutional government.  People who have previously doubted what is happening to them, will now be able to realize that treason really is underway.  As it is, most people do not know what is happening to them, but they know “something is wrong!”  The Constitution is very powerful, but it has no legs, no eyes, no hands: It is now up to the people to defend it with their authority and these documents.


Foreign troops have been trained to police this nation, just as our men have been trained to police other parts of the world.   Don’t wait until the First Amendment is denied you, and you dare not to speak out.  Your chances will then be gone!


You will learn many facts from the Legislative Packet.  Write for it through Post Office Box 1776, Hanford, California 93232.  If the states were abolished as is planned, there would then be no basis to keep the Constitution.  Christianity is on its way out.  Voting is on its way out.  Land ownership is on its way out.  A communist document has been drafted to replace our Bill of Rights. 


Wake up!  Wake Up!