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October 29, 2004



This Newsletter is being sent to give you a recourse against an on-coming fraud which centers around the marriage issue.   This will alert you to another plan that internationalist public officials have set to hornswoggle you into losing your Constitution, and your Bill of Rights; that is, if they can get the people’s blessing and consent for opening a Constitutional Convention.   A Constitutional Convention first begins by urging the people to give their support for adoption of a Constitutional Amendment.   This time, the ploy for opening a Convention is to “save marriage” with an Amendment.

Most past Amendments to the federal Constitution have NOT involved a Constitutional ConventionToday, the internationalists who are harnessing this nation under a communist new world order are quite desperate to open one.  They need this to happen in order to terminate and abolish the Constitution on a permanent basis, and to operate a full-blown militarized global communist authority in its place.  This objective is a necessary component of the global agenda!   The Constitution, which includes the Bill of Rights, belongs to the people!  Public officials must first gain the consent of the governed before they can affect any type of change in it.  The people’s consent is required to alter or terminate the Constitution.  It is not under the authority of public officials, but once a constitutional convention is authorized, the attendees can then do anything they wish to the Constitution, including abolishing it, and setting a new system in its place.  Warren Burger, a past Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, has stated: “There is no way to put a muzzle on a Constitutional Convention”.  What he is saying is once opened ‘the sky’s the limit!’ and than anything can happen! 

Previously, many issues were used to persuade the public to cry out for a Constitutional Amendment, but none have had enough emotional impact upon the people to set the ball rolling for ultimate global potential.   In the early ‘60’s, Alan Cranston failed in his attempts to open up a Constitutional Convention, but before his demise, he taught many legman on how to deceive the people into achieving a Constitutional Convention.   The fact that such widespread fervor is now being whipped up within the public sector over the protection of marriage, and the antics going on in Massachusetts, indicates to me that this dangerous marriage scenario is planned, and the engineered solution will be propagandized to “cover all states by use of a Constitutional Amendment”.  The timing fits the “socialist agenda”.  With public support, the internationalists who wish to abolish the Constitution will claim that they have adequate consent of the governed.

Enough anger exists over the marriage issue to secure public approval of a Marriage Amendment, the result of which can cause the Constitution of this nation to be terminated, and the global communist militarized system of government activated in its place.   Enraged as they are over the marriage issue, the people of this nation want some action, and the   safer recourse I see is found in the attachment relating to a law for concurrence.  It is quite possible that pro-global government George Bush will prevail in the oncoming election.  He is a continual out-spoken proponent of the need to protect marriage with a Constitutional AmendmentThis bad advice would open the way for socialists to end our Republic!  If internationalist John Kerry wins the election, he, too, will jump on the Amendment bandwagon since this objective is to be expected whether a Democrat or a Republican takes over the agenda set for the occupant of the White House.  Study the attached papers.  Do all you can to make known the dangers of supporting a Constitutional Amendment.                                          

The next Newsletter (No. 5), now being assembled, will contain some items that are costly for me to mail. I will be financially prohibited to send to anyone other than those who give me an indication that they are still interested in, and working in the American Declaration Project (Blue and White Folders).   Only those who respond to this #4 mailing will be sent Newsletter No. 5.  If I do not hear from you, it will be assumed that you are no longer active in our American Declaration movement.  Please let me hear from you quickly.