July 14, 2003


Word comes from Ohio that the Sheriffs in that state are expecting to be eliminated, possibly by December of this year or July of 2004.  The head of the America First Party (a new party just starting up in Ohio) has talked to one of the good sheriffs in that state and when John Francis, the head of the party questioned  the sheriff, the sheriff  has corroborated by saying that it’s coming – it’s true!


Indications are that they will replace all sheriffs with federal marshals.  In some counties the marshals have already been moved in as a “partner”.   As I see it, all the power will be moved over to the marshal, and the sheriff will be gradually eliminated.  Elsewhere, there are efforts to merge sheriffs and the police departments together and reduce the sheriff to the status of a beat police officer.    The merger of the marshal and the sheriff will federalize the county for the benefit of strengthening a military government now underway as the Homeland Security.  When these changes are completed, the people will have lost all control over their own local law enforcement systems.  Control of the civilian law enforcement systems belongs to the people in the counties and the states.  It is not a federal government function.  It also damages the check and balance system.


I expect these mergers to be greatly accelerated now that the Homeland Security has been passed into law.  The Homeland Security advances the goal in State Department Publication #7277, which requires a “force” to preserve internal order.  Obviously, the “force” will be a military “force” (See #7277 Page 3, Paragraph 3).  The U.S. Coast Guard (military) has already been merged with civilian law enforcement (police departments) under one head by the creation of the Homeland Security, which is already sending dictates to local police departments.  This breaks a 212-year old American tradition, which always kept a sharp line separating the military from the civilian law enforcement.  The only time that this tradition is breached in a republic is when the republic is being converted into a dictatorship then they are merged together under one head.  If this is not exposed, in the future when the people need to turn to their safeguards in the check and balance system against a tyrannical government, those safeguards won’t be there! 


Wake up people.  It’s time to alert your sheriff and your police departments of the damage these mergers will cause. 


Attachment:  The Militarization of United States Civilian Law Enforcement Under

                        International Unified Command.

Bernadine Smith