February 21, 2007


Dear Mr. Bauer,



Congratulations, I am glad that you are now Speaker of the House.  I am aware that you were opposed to the leasing of the Indiana Toll Road, so I am assuming that we now have someone in office who is truly for America and our Constitutional form of government.  I am also one who believes in our sovereignty, our Constitution, our Bill of Rights, and the God given rights that are guaranteed by them.


Mr. Bush has many people believing he is a Christian, but if they only knew that he and some other traitorous politicians are trying to overthrow our free form of government, I am sure they would see him for what he really is.


On March 23, 2005, in Waco, Texas, Mr. Bush met with Vincent Fox, President of Mexico, and the then Prime Minister of Canada.  The meeting was for the purpose of creating a North American Union much like the European Union.  Their plan is to remove the borders between Mexico and the United States and to remove the border between the United States and Canada. If we citizens allow this to happen it will bring an end to 225 plus years of our free and sovereign nation and our Constitutional form of government of the people, by the people, for the people, and this nation granted to us by the grace of God and the sweat and blood of our forefathers.  Our government would be replaced by a communistic dictatorship coming to us disguised as the United Nations.  Obviously, the sooner we get out of the United Nations - the better!


Now, back to the toIl road.  I am enclosing some flyers that show how the 1-69 toll road connects with what is planned from Mexico to, and including, Canada.  You can bet that when Mitch Daniels pushed this toll road project through, he knew he would come later and hit you with the extension.  It was all part of the plan in the first place.  It’s not so hard to get what you want when you ask for a little at a time. In Texas it is estimated to take 584,000 acres of farmland and displace around one million people.  I don’t think we want to take any farmland or displace any family in Indiana to aid a dictatorship form of government.


From a check point in Kansas City, owned by Mexico, trucks will come up 1-70 and connect to the toll road 1-69 on the east side of Indianapolis and go on up into Michigan and connect on into Canada.


I do not believe the United States wants to become a dictatorship, and those attempting it should be removed from office!


Say NO to Mitch Daniels and the rest of the “One Worlders” and to the road extension around Indianapolis for the future of our children and all future generations of this, at one time, Great Republic!


We ask God to bless this Republic!


Please Check The Flyers!


Citizens of Indiana

Notice the connection this extension makes to some other major highways in Indiana on it’s way to I-69.  Those highways lead to other states and the trucks and their cargo could spread all over the United States.  I-69 would go on up into Canada at Port Huron.  We must not be a part of this dictatorship beltway.  We politicians and citizens of Indiana must do our part by standing together.  We must say NO to this extension of highway.  This is our opportunity to “cut ‘em off at the pass”.

This is so important for every family in the United States of America, including the jobs of you people who are in public office!


United We Stand - Divided We Fall