(Note: This article initially was written as an open e-mail on the Internet, dashed off to Don Hamrick who has been endeavoring to place a Petition of Writ for Certiorari before the federal Supreme Court justices in support of the Second Amendment.  The intention for writing to him was to comfort and prepare Don, another frantic thirst-driven traveler, that the Supreme Court Oasis he sees ahead is really only a mirage.   It has been given a title and re-typed with only minor revisions.)




  By Bernadine Smith


Donald Bird and I have gone up to the Supreme Court, as you no doubt have heard.  The history of how the Second Amendment came to be, via the efforts of Patrick Henry was revived in my dissertation that you can read on my website (www.libertygunrights.com).  It is found in the Patrick Henry category. Patrick Henry was a mighty colonial father figure purposely forsaken in American history by anti-gun governmental administrations, etc., and in my opinion, this includes the National Rifle Association.)


Donald Bird incorporated my dissertation in his case after the 9th Circuit Court left him out on a limb, and he then moved on to make an additional presentation to the federal Supreme Court.  Well, he did get a docket number and was very excited about it.  But when the time came that the justices (injustices?) read Bird's presentation, they decided not to take on the case.  Why???  May I give you my reasoning for their action?    It was too powerful for them!  They are committed to please the White House, the several legislative branches of government, and the governors, who have jointly painted us into a corner, so that we will end up losing our collective and individual gun rights due to their untruthful statements about the Second Amendment.


When you go to a medical facility that analyzes a patient's blood so that a doctor can fix up what is wrong with the person, the technician puts the drawn specimen into a million dollar analyzing machine that comes up with a report on the condition of the patient's health and bodily problems.  Every so many test runs (like 3 or so), a pre-determined known specimen is entered into the million dollar analyzing machine simply to test the accuracy of the machine!  Only – “if” - the evaluation of the pre-determined specimen comes back and agrees with the beforehand known answers can the machine be trusted.  It must come back agreeing with the known answers or else the million dollar analyzing machine obviously has become corrupted, faulty, and/or contaminated.  If the million dollar analyzing machine does not report what is previously known to be the correct answers, it can no longer be trusted until it is either repaired or replaced. 


Now then, that is exactly what happened when Donald Bird put the Supreme Court through a test with "known answers", a pre-determined test, because Mr. Bird used Patrick Henry's historical record, including Henry’s reasonings, and displayed the force Henry put to bear in 1788, which   caused the Second Amendment to be drafted: an inextricable, permanently-documented  command to forever protect the American people's collective and individual right to arms.  That amendment, the drafters declared, was not to be subjected to any infringement, and it was inscribed within their Bill of Rights:  a palladium, the contents of which are not subject to repeal, rescinding, or revocation. 


These requirements had to be made, lest adoption of the Constitution (the whole part that George Washington had signed) would be rejected by the 13 newly formed states. 


And so the Second Amendment cleared the way as to the purpose for arms.  The meaning of the words in the Second Amendment was also made clear at that time.  The absoluteness of the right, and the people's authority was well established, and well understood when the Second Amendment was drafted.


Those who drafted the Second Amendment did not intend for us to wait 215 years to get some court to tell the people of today what the Second Amendment means!   It was all made clear in 1788!  Anyone who does not know that should not be holding an office in the United States of America!   


As Donald Bird laid his case before the current Supreme Court, what he did amounted to a pre-determined test, with known answers, and Donald Bird had a right to expect that the court would have to agree with the known answers, thus ending the foolish controversy over the right(s) of the people to arms. 


After the justices (again, I should refer to them as the 'injustices') had read over Mr. Bird's papers containing the Petition for a Writ of Certiorari, including all the undeniable Patrick Henry logic and testimony, which Mr. Bird had presented, the Court decided not to take on the case!!! 


In May Donald Bird received a short letter signed by William K. Suter, and I quote:


                                                               May 5, 2003


                                                               Re: Donald M. Bird v. Gray Davis,

                                                              Governor of California, et al. No. 02-1412


                         Dear Mr. Bird:


                        The Court today entered the following order in the above entitled case. 


                        The Petition for a Writ of Certiorari is denied.    




                                                                        William Suter, Clerk    

                                                                                                             (End of letter)



This Court had the chance to lay out an answer, and of course, they knew what the true answer was.  They knew that the true answer was laying there on the papers in Mr. Bird's case, which could put an end to the great controversy that has consumed the nation, a controversy that is bringing the nation into a state of Civil War, but the Court chose not to involve themselves in this essential decision.  They denied that responsibility which really was their prime duty!   They turned down their chance to straighten out the controversy! 


So I can only conclude, just as in the case of the faulty medical machinery, that the Supreme Court  has obviously become corrupted, faulty, and/or contaminated.  It is not to be trusted.  Just like the faulty medical machinery, there is some repair work needed in the Court.  Don't they hold their seats depending upon good behavior and mental well being? 


Well, it is my personal opinion that it is time for all those (in)justices to step down.  We're not getting our money's worth for their hired services!  Even an 8th grade cab driver could do better than the performances coming out of this current Court.  If we are to save our natural inherent rights, another avenue besides this corrupt Court has to be tried. 


Hopefully, our efforts with the Tennessee legislature will be the answer.    Action has already been started in Tennessee and a Committee is going there.  If you need to have a copy of that effort, which is called "People in Support of Keeping Our Police American", contact me.  It will also solve the gun issue. The work to put a full copy of the Tennessee papers on my website is in process. Get behind it, Mr. Hamrick, as it will simultaneously clear the Second Amendment, and stop our police from becoming sovietized. 


We will do well if we can keep our police American, because real American police respect the true meaning of the Second Amendment, and they do not want the citizens to be disarmed.    




May 25, 2003 Post Script to Mr. Hamrick:  Sir, may I suggest to you with your remarkable energy to protect the Second Amendment that you discontinue in your new efforts the thought of calling for a Constitutional Convention?  In your desperation you have ventured into a very dangerous suggestion.  The ‘coalition’, which intends to completely disarm the American people, also seeks to open a Constitutional Convention.   The intention is to provide for themselves a method by which their ‘coalition’ can completely obsolete our rightful and true American Constitution and Bill of Rights, while at the same time instituting a NWO (world government) constitution.   They have been trying to do this for many years, but fortunately, pro-gun Second Amendment supporters have so far been able to thwart their many efforts.  Incidentally, our right to arms is not a ‘civil right’ – it is an inherent natural right, a much higher level of unrevocable possession and authority. 


Bernadine Smith is the National Director of the Second Amendment Committee, Hanford, California.                                                                                                                                   

Copies to interested persons.